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Information Thank you for your interest in Oakland University!
To receive more information, please complete this online inquiry form.

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Information Please enter your full name in the fields below using upper and lower case (e.g. John Adams).

Student Name
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Information Please enter your complete mailing address using upper and lower case (e.g. 123 Main Street)

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Information Phone Number Above: Please enter your phone number as follows: (XXX) 3 digit area code in the first box, (XXXXXXX) 7 digit phone number in the second box and if applicable, (XXXX) extension in the last box.

Gender: Male Female Not Specified

Information Please enter the student's Date of Birth below. Date of Birth is not during admissions decisions but the information is required to prevent duplicate records and provide you with the information you requested.

Date of Birth
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Information A Social Security Number is not required, however, by providing this information the University is better able to avoid duplicate records and provide you with the information you request. Providing your Social Security Number will speed up the processing of your information. A Social Security Number is required if you are applying for financial aid but not required for admission to the University.

Social Security Number
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Information We encourage you to include your Email Address so that we may communicate with you about application and enrollment processes. If no email address is provided, limited communication will be sent via postal mail.

E-Mail Address
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Information Please indicate whether the student is a U.S. citizen below. This information will be used to communicate the most accurate application and admissions information.


Information Please enter the term for which the student intends to seek admission to Oakland University.

Entry Term
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Information Please select the academic major that most closely matches the academic interests of the prospective student.

Program of Study

Information How I learned about Oakland University below - To select multiple choices use Ctrl+Click for PC and Command+Click for Mac

How did you learn about OU?
How I Learned About Oakland University SAIL:

Information All Applicants: Please indicate the name of the college or university you are attending or most recently attended or earned a degree from, if applicable.

US Colleges: For colleges in the US, click on Lookup College Code. If you don't find your College code, enter your college information in the fields provided.

Foreign Applicants/ Non-US colleges: Foreign universities are not searchable through the Look Up College Code feature.Enter Z09999 into the School Code field. Note: type the letter Z and then the numerals 09999. Tab to the College Name field and enter college information in the fields provided.

Prior College
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Graduation Date: Month Day Year (YYYY)
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